Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Introduce solid food for baby


I just got this info from one group at Facebook. Sekarang ni facebook ni dah jadi macam forum untuk bincang macam2 benda and yang jadi keutamaan aku adalah group pasal susu Ibu dan juga group solid food for baby.

Here, I wanna share something. Hope people around me support me because I want the best for my son. Janganlah suap apa2 lagi kat anak saya sebab saya pun x pernah lagi suapkan makanan kat mulut dia. Biarlah mama dia yang suap sendiri. T___T

Info ni saya dapat dari Maizatul Ranai from Group KIM. Dah asked her permission untuk share benda ni.

When to introduce solids.
Signs that your baby is ready for solid food:
1) Your baby is about six months old

2) Your baby can sit up well with support
3) Your baby is genuinely interested in food, and may try to grab it out of your hand
4) Your baby can pick up food in the fingers and bring it to the mouth
5) Your baby wants to chew (and may have teeth)
6) Your baby seems hungry after a feed, or wants more frequent feeds (this could also be due to a growth spurt, so increase milk intake first).

To recap above points, boleh dikatakan jgn terburu2 introduce solid food untuk baby yang belum 6month. Setiap baby punya sistem pencernaan berbeza. Ada yang dah matured awal, itulah yg ok je bila mak ayah start solid in 4month. Tapi ada yg matured lambat, jadi banyak problem sebab bagi makan (even semi-solid) masa 4month. Untuk precaution, start lah masa 6month untuk safety baby and avoid risks of constipation atau masalah yg dalam layman term nya 'usus berpusing'. 

"Staring solids very early or giving certain foods before the age of six months can trigger infections or allergies. Some babies take solids more quickly than others. If your baby doesn't show much interest in food, then you may want to wait a little longer before starting him or her on solids. Parents often want to give their baby solid food because they think this will help him or her to sleep through. However studies shown that starting solids does not improve a baby's sleep. It is an increase in brain activity-not hunger- that makes an older baby prone to waking up at night, he or she needs to learn good sleep habits. In any case, extra milk feeds are usually the best way to deal with any increase in hunger before 6months."
So, just breastfeed as long as you can even when you plan to introduce solids to the little ones! Sume info ni drp buku 'Baby and Toddler Meal planner'.*From Maizatul Ranai*

People around me, do support me. I can't stand alone with this.

Till then, tata...